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One lovely thing

Every single day for the coming weeks I’ll be posting one lovely thing you can do to make yourself feel good as we live through covid-19. I’ll be adding every day to this list so you can check for inspo. In our world right now, we need all the lovely things.

1. Buy yourself a bunch of flowers

2. Make a list of everything you’re grateful when you start the day. It is quite affirming to see it written in black and white (and very therapeutic to write!)

3. Take yourself to some green space – breathe it in and enjoy it

4. Blast out your favourite tunes

5. Eat fresh fruit and veg as much as possible

6. Play a board game or play cards

7. Look at photos that make you happy

8. A good old cup of tea (you can’t go wrong)

9. Find a little place in your home to enjoy the sun – even if that just means sitting by the window

10. Eating meals that make you feel good – from porridge, to pasta to comforting beans and chips!

11. Listen to podcasts

12. Appreciate and enjoy blue skies ☀️

13. Take a bubble bath or a long shower 🛁

14. Read – fiction especially great right now

15. Put together a care package for a friend

16. Meditating and cross stitch

17. Do a yoga class or other virtually

18. Bullet journaling

19. Shop for someone vulnerable or a family member

20. Enjoy the garden at spring time

21. Whipped coffee (OF COURSE!)

22. Pamper with a facemask

23. Mindful colouring

24. Bake doughnuts 

25. Put a rainbow in your window

26. Take some time off social media – give yourself time to just be

27. Enjoy a herbal tea

28. Write and host a quiz – we’ve been writing them on Powerpoint and sharing them via screenshare on Zoom

29. Take a stroll (in a safe and socially distanced way of course)

30. Cleanse your social media feed and fill it with lovely things

31. Bake banana bread 

32. Lunchtime yoga (virtually) – I love Yoga with Adriene (beginner) and Cat Meffan (advanced)

33. Be kind to yourself – talk to yourself as you would a friend. It’s a hard time for us all and therefore it’s even important to be kind to yourself

34. Mani pedi

35. Draw

36. Buy a new journal 

37. Fill your rooms with lovely things – posters, photos, plants, candles

38. Do some DIY

39. Sunbath in the sunshine

40. Wear something that makes you feel nice even though you’re not leaving the house

41. Use a yummy smelling body lotion or face cream

42. Facetime/zoom your friends and family

43. Eat some yummy chocolate

44. Cuddle a hot water bottle

45. Put flowers in every room

46. Start a new TV Series – we’ve just started After Life (would highly recommend)

47. Curl up and watch your favourite movie (some are made to be watched over and over again!)

49. Spend some time on Pinterest – gathering home inspo, looking at holiday pics, getting inspired in the kitchen or pouring over some feel good quotes (this is one of my fave feel good activities!)

50. Do a puzzle

51. Grow a herb or veg (you don’t need a garden for this – we have a pot of cherry tomatoes!)

52. Plan a themed dinner party for your household – think drinks, food, outfits and music

53. Make cocktails – alcoholic or non alcoholic! We love Jamie Oliver’s Drink Tube.

54. Paint by numbers – you can get amazing canvases and prints you can frame when you’re finished

55. Organise files and photos – do all that filing you’ve been putting off for years

56. Scrapbook! Something I used to do when I was younger but fell out of practice, and now I’m finding my scrapbook groove again. You can scrapbook anything – home or fashion inspiration, photos of family and friends, past trips, ideas for the future – literally anything. I like to use multi coloured felt tip pens and images from magazines.

57. Practice mindful eating – put away all TVs/books/tablets and just savour every mouthful

58. Get creative with card making and send them out to friends and family

59. Go for a run. No expectations and no toxic thoughts if you aren’t at the level you think you should be – just enjoy being out and moving your body.

60. Play a video game and team up with friends to play together too

61. Buy something to support a small or local business 

62. If you feel comfortable, treat yourself to a contactless coffee – many small coffee shops are open now for business

63. Buy a book you would never normally read – challenge yourself to consume something different. I’ve been binging a lot of podcasts recently and accumulated a recommended reading list by doing so. Can’t wait to get stuck in!

64. Chocolate covered stuffed dates – an absolute dream! A must try. Recipe can be found on my Instagram here.

65. Take a socially distanced walk with a friend, if you feel comfortable.

66. Take a virtual dance class! These are SO great for getting your endorphins going – there are tonnes on YouTube and some teachers are also offering virtual dance classes.

67. Plan and cook a three course meal for your household. You can even take it turns and make it a home Come Dine With Me experience!

68. Clear out your wardrobe. Have you always wanted to have a good old clear out but never had time? Now is the time! Recycling centres are now open and Depop/eBay/GumTree is too – it’s the perfect time for a declutter.

69. Donate. Many charities are facing extremely hard times at the moment and are struggling for funding. Now is a great time to give something to a charity you believe in/is important to you – every penny counts.

70. Learn something new. Whether it be a language, a subject matter, a specific skill – it’s never too late to learn something new.

Check back every day for new lovely things to keep yourself feeling good and positive! Feel free to contact me via Twitter, Instagram and email for suggestions!

If you are concerned about the developing situation, please check the World Health Organisation and the NHS website. Crohns and Colitis UK also has very up to date information. ❤️

Stay safe and sending love and positive vibes

Bryony xxx


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