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I would just like to say on record, I love food. I don’t like food, or eat to solely survive… I really really love food. Breakfast is the first thing I think of in the morning, no sooner have I consumed that I am thinking about my 11 o’clock snack before considering lunch… you get the drift. I really love food. I also, really like drinking. I love socialising – the taste of a cold glass of white wine and a cheeky shot of tequila on a night out. This is just a snapshot of my Instagram… yes, I am entirely guilty of shamelessly Instagramming food.


Breakfast heaven


Yes that is lobster. And yes, it was unreal

Imagine how you feel when food is one thing that gives you pain. Not just mild stomach pain, but crippling, can’t stand up or sit up straight, want to curl into the foetal position and lie in a dark room pain. We all eat food, like carbs and proteins, to keep our bodies running. Our digestive system absorbs all of the necessary nutrients and gets rid of all the waste. When you have Crohns, your body attacks healthy cells during this digestive process – causing inflammation. Hence, if you take out eating food and replace it with pre digested shakes, your body has no reason to attack itself.

So…. for the next fortnight (at least!) I will be replacing all meals and food with 9 of these Elemental 028 shakes. And, no alcohol. No tea. And worst of all.. no Starbucks!


Three boxes of eighteen delicious Elemental 028 drinks. Flavoured Orange & pineapple, Grapefruit and Summer Fruits.

Don’t they look DELICIOUS!

I found out about 2 weeks ago this would be the next course of treatment.A few days later, I saw Crohns and Colitis UK post this link to a Cosmopolitan article written by young writer Tess Koman. Her depiction of the liquid diet was inspiring and so accurate – it was really what I needed to read at that moment in time.  Read Tess’ article here: What I learnt from not eating for a month. After sobbing into a dinner at Pho with my boyfriend on the day I learnt this was happening, I realised I needed to remember why I am doing this. To get my quality of life back.

So I write this the day before I start the diet and I am beyond hungry. Completely psychological I’m sure – but I have eaten everything in sight. (Currently digging into kettle chips and guacamole. It would be rude not to have a feast tonight.) Is it possible to be more hungry when you know you’re not going to eat for a while?? I suspect I will feel far less rational tomorrow as I dig into a carton of Summer Fruits Elemental for breakfast, instead of some delicious marmite toast… 

Sorry – I have to go and eat the contents of my fridge now. (Fajitas are the final meal of choice) With everything else I have for dessert…

More tomorrow!




  1. Linda Maley
    April 4, 2016 / 8:59 pm

    Hi Bryony,
    As a fellow food lover I empathise with you! It must be so frustrating. After this course, go on a fine dining celebration (time to save for it?).
    Much love, Linda M xxx

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